SavannaBel’s Blogger-of-the-Month profile in F&HE … at last!

I’ve been waiting just short of a month to publish this post. Because the article first appeared in a hard copy version of November’s issue of Food & Home Entertaining, I was asked to wait until it had been pulled from the shelves. For those of you who, like me, live nowhere near an outlet that sells the magazine and asked to read my blogger-of-the-month profile, here it is.

Food & Home Entertaining's Blogger of the Month profile on SavannaBel.

I extend grateful thanks to our friends Tony and Sue Orr for buying me a copy of the magazine on their recent trip to South Africa. It was much appreciated!

SavannaBel's preserves

Annabel Hughes Aston is a writer and an award-winning chef in Livingstone, Zambia. She is the creator of "bush gourmet" cuisine.


  • Well done Annabel. It looks like your hard work and passion is finally being recognized. How thrilling. I have no doubt there will be lots more exciting projects to come. Best of luck. We have been photographing for the last 2 days as we are about to launch our new website hopefully December/January. It is hard work!!

    • Thank you, Molly. Your comment means a great deal to me. I’m a huge admirer of all you have done in the culinary world, therefore this comes as high praise indeed. I cannot wait to see your new website for Blue Strawberry; I thought the original one was brilliant as it is!

  • Mukorokoto, umhlopi Annabel. Richly deserved.

    • Thank you so much, Dal … or, as they say here in Zambia, zikomo kwambelie!

  • Bravo!

    • Thank you, Michelle. From the get-go Gourmandistan has always been such inspiration.

  • That is so exciting! Gorgeous photos!!!

    • Thank you so much, Chef Mimi … I really do appreciate your support!

  • I’m proud of you Annabel!

    • Thank you, my friend! You’ve been there since the beginning … 🙂 xo

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