An Indian Summer Lunch

“The power of food is really spiritual. It not only brings the whole family together on the same table, but also brings the whole world together.”
So said Vikas Khanna, the Michelin-starred Indian chef and host of MasterChef India. I love this quote, and I fully agree with him.

Fruit from an African Childhood

I’ll bet there isn’t a southern African alive who isn’t transported by the fragrant perfume of a ripe guava. For me, it’s a smell of childhood. It’s the smell from a tree that drifted through my bedroom window when falling asleep on a summer’s afternoon.

A Something in a Summer’s Day …

Saucer-sized sunflowers to help attract the pollinators.
A something in a summer’s Day
As slow her flambeaux burn away
Which solemnizes me. 
Our well-upholstered heirloom tomatoes.
A something in a summer’s noon —
A depth — an Azure — a perfume —
Transcending ecstasy.
Birthing a new pineapple … a colorful illustration of the fibonacci sequence.

Asian Fusion Pickled Radishes

We traveled upcountry for a wedding and were gone from the farm for 10 days. In our absence the daytime temperature shot skyward, and we returned to a super-sized radish eruption. A whole bed of half-buried red, pink, white and purple radishes were pushing their way up out of the soil, screaming “pull me!” They had gone from marble to golf ball while we weren’t looking.