Pomegranate Ice Cream

Living in what-at-times can be extreme heat, ice cream is both a blessing and curse: while it’s a delectable frozen treat, especially on a steamy hot day, it’s a challenge to make unless you want to rise before dawn to prepare it.

Pomegranate passion!

Being lucky enough to watch a pomegranate turn from flower to fruit helped me understand why it’s been regarded as a sacred symbol of fertility and rebirth by traditional cultures for millennia. From its Flamenco flowers dancing in the sunlight to its fecund fruit bursting with seed and blood-colored juice, it is a truly wondrous thing.


It’s hot! It’s boozy … and it’s a wonderful addition to soups, stir-frys and sauces. It’s also makes a colorful, unique gift.

The inaugural Farm & Food Tour

Fifteen Danish farmers visited us with our partner, Zamag Tours & Safaris, based in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. Chris led the group around his working farm, later bringing them up to our ‘lodge’ for lunch. I served a lamb tagine and jeweled couscous–all recipes to follow in time–along with a fennel and mixed lettuce leaf salad.