… In the Belly of the Great Fish (Farm)

A stretch of shimmering light reflecting off countless fresh water fish ponds now fills our distant view in place of untended lifeless land. For me, who since arriving in Livingstone, has been in search of fresh fish to cook and eat, it was a welcome silencing of some serious foodie lamentations.

Edible flowers - borage FI

Eating Pretty … Edible Flowers in my Garden

The day I discovered that so many flowers were edible transformed how I prepared and presented my food. Edible flowers not only bring color and texture to a dish, but also flavor and scent. They transform the plating of both sweet and savory dishes, they flavor hot and cold drinks, and they jazz up ice cubes.

The Good in Small Things FI

The Good in Small Things

Our world, it seems, is descending down a refuse-filled vortex not unlike that after you’ve pulled the plug on dirty dishwater. This can’t be happening … this cannot be true … are disbeliefs expressed in this household and proved otherwise time and again. Shootings, terror attacks, uprisings; lies, racism, nationalist zealotry.

Eco-warriors - FI

Benefiting from our Elephant Eco-Engineers …

An unexpected byproduct from my partnership in The Elephant Café landed on the farm — and, more importantly, in my vegetable garden — last month. We collected lorry loads of elephant poop so old and decomposed, it’s been known in the past to self-combust in the searing months before the rainy season.