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REPOST – The Throbbing Earth

I am reposting this story, one that comes to mind every October, because last night as I stepped into the ink-black water of our horizon pool to cool off, I smelt petrichor for the first time. Petrichor, that elixir to reinvigorate a stifled spirit. Petrichor, that precursor to renewal and new beginnings. Then it rained. Briefly. I am grateful.

Testing my Bush Gourmet at the Utopian La Rochelle

The only noise that distracted us during our short stay at La Rochelle Country House in Zimbabwe’s eastern highlands was that made by the birds. Myriad species, mostly unfamiliar to me, trilled us out of bed, welcomed us on walks around the garden, and serenaded our meals on the verandah.

A Wet Seed Wild in the Hot Blind Earth

It’s that time of year. August. Late winter on our edge of the Zambezi escarpment. When the earth heats up; when the seeds go wild. My garden is coming into its annual climax and my heart is happy.

It’s extraordinary how quick the transformation happens in this climate.