Bananas – Garden (of Eden)-to-Table

Bananas: a big-hearted ancient fruit.
I’ve been looking forward to writing this post about bananas since I started blogging, but stalled and delayed because I was unsure where to start. The Latin word for banana is Mūsa. Translated into English it means Muse: a source of inspiration, a guiding spirit. The banana, it seems, dates back to the beginning of time.

Blog hopping – directing a lens

A month or so ago, Molly Moynahan, a novelist and writing teacher living in Chicago, invited me to participate in a Blogger Hop, something I’d never heard about being such a newbie to the blogosphere. It’s an opportunity, Molly later explained, to open up the genre and introduce your blog to new readers.

The Zambezi River … lifeblood

We live a short distance upstream from the largest curtain of falling water in the world. In high-water season nine million cubic meters cascade over Victoria Falls in a second. Such is its force on a clear day we can see the plumes of spray-smoke rising high into the sky all the way from our farm.

Beetroot … the most intense of vegetables

Young beetroot just pulled from the garden.
Tom Robbins, the American author, had a thing about beetroot. Just consider these lines from his novel, Jitterbug Perfume:
“The beet is the melancholy vegetable, the one most willing to suffer. You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. … The beet is the murderer returned to the scene of the crime.

Capering with nasturtiums …

Capers are a luxury in these parts … and I love capers. If I’m lucky I may find a small jar in a grocery store in town, but more often, I have to stock up on our infrequent visits to Johannesburg in South Africa, or Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, a mere six-hour drive from the farm.